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     I am Shahrokh Farahmandrad , MSc. in agronomy TMU (Tarbiat Modares University) Tehran , Iran . I work in ITC (Iranian Tobacco Company) as a senior expert in productivity.    

     In 1928 Iranian Tobacco Company was organized in the form of a monopoly for development of the tobacco industry in the country and is one of the oldest tobacco industry in the Middle East engaged in cultivation of tobacco and tombac and production of cigarette, tobacco, pipe tobacco and tombac. The first cigarette making factory was established in Tehran in 1937 and later primary factories were installed in Rasht, Gorgan, Sari, Orumiyeh and Khoy and, subsequently, Rasht Factory was installed with a production capacity of 30 billion rods per year which, by implementation of the renovation programs and technology, can be increased to 40 billion rods annually. This factory is producing 21 billion rods for present.

     For improvement of its local products ITC utilizes its potentials coupled with suitable climatic conditions and expertise personnel in its research institutes, fertile lands, available primary and processing factories for producing cigarette and pipe tobacco and, accordingly, takes advantage of foreign facilities such as investment and joint venture with well-known multi-national companies for better satisfying its local requirements as well as enjoying of a successful presence in the regional and world markets. One of the main objectives of the joint venture with foreign companies is meeting the local consumption and expansion of the manufacturing and packing machinery for improving quality of the products or producing new brands. In 1956 ITC became a member of CORESTA and is continuing cooperation with this organization. ITC’s experts and researchers participate in Coresta congress which will be set up every two or four years in one of the member countries and exchange scientific knowledge and achievements regarding tobacco industry and cultivation. Due to its high quality cigarette tobacco ITC was awarded the golden award of the Dutch Exhibition.



ITC has the following facilities for manufacturing of cigarette, preparation and processing of tobacco and tombac:
 Tobacco manipulation and artificial fermentation factory in Gorgan.
 Tobacco manipulation and artificial fermentation factory in Sari.
 Tobacco manipulation and artificial fermentation factory in Orumiyeh.
 Tobacco manipulation and artificial fermentation factory in Khoy.
 Tobacco manipulation and artificial fermentation in Isfahan.
 Chopogh tobacco factory in Saghez.
 Central cigarette making factories.
 Gilan Tobacco Complex.

ITC utilizes the up-to-date technology for preparation and processing as well as cultivation of different types of oriental, semi-oriental and western type tobaccos in Gilan, Mazandaran, Golestan, West Azarbayjan and Kordestan Provinces in a capacity of approximately 14000 tons. Basma, burley, tikolac and virginia tobaccos are grown in Iran. During the recent 50 years ITC's tobaccos, proved to be of desirable quality and has gained awards of some of the international exhibitions.

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